Camilla Beech

Camilla is owner and Director of her own regulatory consultancy business specialising in novel biotechnology products where regulatory requirements are uncertain or require development in both science and policy areas. She has over 20 years international experience in the regulation of a wide range of novel biotechnology products with a proven track record in successful regulatory outcomes for new  products. For the last 10 years has specialised in pioneering and navigating pathways for the regulation of genetically engineered insects.  Since setting up the business, clients have included the Target Malaria consortium, IVCC, Oxitec Ltd and other biotechnology start-ups.

She is at the forefront of the development of regulatory outcomes for genetically engineered insects, including commercialisation in Brazil, and field releases in Malaysia, Panama, Grand Cayman and Burkina Faso and participating in policy development in the area.  As well as participating in the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety as a biosafety expert she has contributed worldwide in inter-industry and non-governmental organisations (World Health Organisation, OECD) for risk assessment and regulation of novel biotechnology products. She is a regular speaker at conferences, has organised conference program sessions on GM insects/animals and authored several peer-reviewed papers and two book chapters on aspects of GM insects, their safety and regulation.

Prior to setting up her own business, Camila was Head of Regulatory Affairs at Oxitec Ltd; which was acquired by the US Company, Intrexon in 2016.  Oxitec focussed on innovative pest control solutions in both public health and agriculture, through the use of genetically engineered insects. She was responsible for obtaining regulatory permits worldwide for all stages of development of Oxitec’s products, as well as their compliance and served on Oxitec’s Senior Management Team. 

Prior to joining Oxitec, Camilla had increasingly senior roles in biotechnology regulatory affairs in Syngenta and its legacy companies and. In those roles, she obtained commercial food approval for the first GM crop in Europe, and led a global team which obtained registrations for numerous biotechnology crops in Africa, Asia and the Americas. Consequently she has been heavily engaged in debates over the use of GM technologies around the world. Her career has also included postings in Europe and the USA.  She spent over 6 years in research on biolistic  and other transformation technologies of crops, which built on her academic qualifications from University of London in Plant Science and Plant Pathology.

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